About Ear Consultants of Georgia


Ear Consultants of Georgia is a medical and surgical practice which specializes in disorders of the ear and hearing.  The inner ear also includes the special sense of balance, and the facial nerve also traverses through the ear, so all these areas are part of this specialty.  Dr. Bhansali is an otologist and neurotologist (see “About Dr Bhansali”) and he has been in practice since 1991.

Dr. Sanjay Bhansali specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the ear, hearing, balance, and facial nerve (otology and neurotology). It is our mission to provide the highest standard of specialty medical care in a personal, caring manner. Our practice specializes in:

Partial tumor removal 1

Small Acoustic Neuroma 1/2 removed

  • Ear surgery for chronic ear disease and cholesteatoma
  • Audiology (hearing and balance testing)
  • Hearing aids and hearing protection
  • Meniere’s Disease and vertigo
  • Ear surgery for hearing loss
  • Otosclerosis and stapedectomy
  • Acoustic Neuroma
  • Cochlear Implants and BAHA implants
  • Facial Paralysis and facial nerve disorders

Our Audiology Center provides you the best possible hearing care based upon your individual needs. We provide a comprehensive array of services related to evaluation, rehabilitation and prevention of hearing impairment. These services include comprehensive hearing evaluations, specialized diagnostic testing, and a Hearing Aid Assessment Program.

Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions a hearing impaired person can make. Since a hearing aid cannot be prescribed like eye glasses, proper hearing aid recommendation and fitting is highly dependent on the judgment and skill of the professional selecting the instrument. Our hearing care professionals will test your hearing and select and dispense the hearing instrument to best meet your needs. Once the hearing aids are dispensed, you can rely on continuous support and professional care.

We are located near Northside Hospital in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Please call us for directions, or use the map and directions box on the Home page.