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It is not the intention of Dr. Bhansali or this website to provide specific medical advice, but rather to provide the reader with information to better understand their disorder and their diagnosis. Specific medical advice will be provided by the doctor, and this information does not replace consultation with a qualified physician for diagnosis and answers to your personal medical condition.

Accurancy of Medical Info on the Web
Several studies have shown that health information sites are among the most visited sites on the internet. These studies have also shown that the accuracy or correctness of information on so-called “Health Information” sites varies considerably. I have personally written some of the material on this website and I will support its scientific accuracy. The links that you see on this website take you to what I would consider reliable sources of information. If you see something that conflicts with what you have read previously or what you may have understood me to tell you, please bring it to my attention.

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Accuracy of Medical Information on the Web


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